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Our Top 3 Comic Book Auction Site Picks

It is no mystery that online auction sites have provided a convenient alternative for investors, collectors and fans to buy and sell comic books, vintage or otherwise. The influx of these sites has added an enormous amount of liquidity to the market which means, that now, more then ever, it is easy to exchange comic books at a fair price whether you are buying or selling. In some cases, before eBay and other early entrants, it would have been difficult to find consumers for particular comic book issues and alternatively, finding that one issue you were missing from your collection could have been a real pain or price prohibitive. Those days are mostly in the past. 

With respect to eBay, I have chosen not to include them, in this discussion, as I wanted to concentrate on comic book specific sites, even though they provide a relevant and useful service. So what are the best auction sites to buy and sell comics these days? Take a look at my picks and keep in mind that they are in no particular order. 

Comic Connect
Boasting the Guinness Book world record for the highest priced comic book to ever auctioned, Comic Connect can move the industries top issues.  Not only has Comic Connect auctioned the top comic but they have auctioned off a string of untouchable high grade gold and silver age treasures. In early 2010, in back to back months, they sold two high grade Auction Comics #1 issues, for $1MM and $1.5MM respectively. That was followed by the top two highest priced comics ever sold in Amazing Fantasy #15 9.6 for $1.1MM and the grand daddy Action Comics #1 9.0 for $2.1MM. 

With big wins on their resume you might think Comic Connect is just for ultra premium buyers and sellers but taking a look through their auctions you see that pretty much anyone can take advantage of their services. They provide a regular monthly auction supplemented by special event auctions which seem to be available throughout the year. The latest monthly auction contained over 1,500 items to choose from including items from all ages. The kicker here for buyers is that they charge no buyers premium, which means you pay what you bid.

Auction Details:
Frequency: One Auction Per Month + Event Auctions
Seller Costs: Not Disclosed (or I could not find it)
Buyer Cost: None, Zero, Zilch!

Top Positive for Bidders:

  • No buyers premium, so the price you bid is the price you pay (plus shipping) 

Top Positive for Sellers:

  • They advertise low seller costs (not verified), multiple ways to sell and you can hold your comics till payment
Originally named Lone Star Comics,, is an online comic book retailer with history. Started by Buddy Saunders when he was in Junior High, the company has evolved from a mail order comics business in the 60s to now being a large online retailer. In addition to their online retail business they run a monthly comic auction with auctions ending around mid month staggered by age. Over 1000 items can be found every month including graded and raw issues. For all items that are not either CGC or PGX they are graded by MyComicShop's internal grading team prior to auction. This ensures that bidders can be confident they know what they are bidding on even if it is not slabbed. 

Auction Details:
Frequency: One Auction Per Month
Seller Costs: 10% for items under $300, 8% $300 - $2,999, 6% for items $3,000 and over
Buyer Cost: 3% Buyers Premium

Top Positive for Bidders:

  • All items are professionally graded even if they are not slabbed and a low buyers premium of 3%

Top Positive for Sellers:

  • 120% bonus on sold items for in store credit     

Heritage Auctions
The largest collectibles auctioneer and the third largest auction house in the world, Heritage Auctions is a well known and trusted service. Similar to Comic Connect they have some history moving big ticket items including the 2010 sale of Detective Comics #27 for just over $1MM. Additionally, they have been chosen by Stan Lee and companies such as Random House to auction off items for them. Bidders and sellers can have piece of mind that they are using a trusted service run by a company that has over $900MM in annual revenue. Wow… 

The volume here is pretty high so unlike Comic Connect and Heritage is running weekly auctions and I counted 800+ items up for auction not including items on their market place at fixed prices (this would include 10k more items).  For sellers they offer free auction appraisal services to determine how best to auction your items and like other service they will purchase your items outright if you have items they are looking for. The buyers, you can put together a want list of the comic books you are looking for and Heritage will search is inventory and alert you periodically if your items are added. Heritage is well known and has prestige but that comes with a cost. With seller fees up to 15% and a buyers premium of 15% they lead the pack in overall cost to the consumer.

Auction Details:
Frequency: Weekly auctions
Seller Costs: 0% – 15%
Buyer Cost: 15%

Top Positive for Bidders:

  • More frequent auctions and personal want list

Top Positive for Sellers:

  • The most visitors to the website, measured by Alexa and Compete, means more eyes on your auctions and proven history as a top auctioneer

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